Working at Swatch Group

Who are our employees

Our success is based on the performance of our staff, our experience and expertise and the entrepreneurial focus of our executives. The large pool of our people and highly gifted management staff, our creative watchmakers and design teams, our imaginative engineers and technicians, the employees' loyalty to their brand, to their factory and to the Swatch Group — all of these factors contribute to our ability to develop and strengthen the company.

Who we are looking for

People are more important than systems and technology. We look for people with personal drive and integrity, professional skills, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility and practical experience of what can be implemented.

  • Graduates with Marketing, Sales, Logistics or Finance experience

  • Graduates with a technical, information technology or engineering background

  • Watchmakers with a strong will to succeed

We need people with a fighting spirit and motivation who are willing to reach ambitious targets and who are able to cooperate with others as team players. We need people with an open mind, who can also imagine switching one day from one unit to another within the group.

What will you find at Swatch Group

A hardworking and dynamic atmosphere, an environment that thrives on excellence, technical innovations and excellent products will offer you plenty of room to prove your performance. You'll find a group that, by strengthening the operational bases, by continuing to innovate for the future and to invest in institutions, distribution systems and human resources continues to develop with controlled growth and within the realities of the markets in which it operates.

You will find an open, pragmatic and fair partner who is always open to new ideas, visions and challenges and who is willing to communicate with you.